To contribute energetic, dynamic entrepreneurs to the society


To induce the entrepreneurial talents among students through appropriate training & development programmes thereby ultimately contributing for the economic development of our nation by entrepreneurial development


We swear, that we will contribute, for the economic development of our nation, by creating an impact, in the field of societal and community development, by the means of Entrepreneurship Development. We understand that, self-employment brings pride, to me and my nation. I will definitely make the nation proud, through my sincere efforts in Entrepreneurship. I am sure that, one day the national flag will fly high, through my activities in Entrepreneurship Development.


Primary Objectives

To induce and enhance the entrepreneurial culture in the nation

Try to bridge the gap between demand and supply of manpower through self employment as a feasible option

To develop and maintain a cordial and healthy relationship between all supporting institutions and organisations promoting entrepreneurship development

Secondary objectives

To conduct one Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp in each semester

To arrange for suitable interactions with successful entrepreneurs through guest lectures, seminars, one to one interactions etc for every three months

To sign up for appropriate MOUs with industry associations, institutions for each semester

To conduct specific skill development programmes relating to Entrepreneurship – one in each semester

To coordinate with Women Empowerment Cell of the Institution in promoting Women Entrepreneurship

To organize an international conference relating to Entrepreneurship Development, thereby laying a platform for budding entrepreneurs for each academic year

Roles & Responsibilities of the Chief Coordinator

The following roles & responsibilities of the Chief Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Development Cell has been suggested by the members of Advisory Board, and approved by the Chairman, Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

To organize Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps both within and outside the campus for the benefit of students & general public.

Arranging for suitable skill development programmes related to Entrepreneurship Development

To arrange for suitable MOUs with industry associations, institutions

Coordinating with Women Empowerment cell for promoting Women Entrepreneurship

To arrange for visits to Industries in order to enable students to get sufficient industry exposure

To organize for suitable Guest Lectures related to Entrepreneurship Development

To conduct one International Conference related to Entrepreneurship Development

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